The best way to end a shitty day is by dropping a 12 lbs. chunk of steel, corner first on your foot. 


Theodore Roosevelt in his library at Oyster Bay N.Y. Date c1912.


"Vikings-Brasil" « ha ha ha


The Gibsons of Scilly

1. The Minnehaha, 1874

2. The Glenbervie, 1902

3. SV Granite State / Slate (detail), 1895

4. The Jeanne Gougy, 1962

5. James Gibson at work

6. The Brinkburn, 1898

7. SV Seine, 1900

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Forged center punch from W-1


The absolute idiocy and ignorance of tumblr feminists, cultural marxists and their supportive crowd is astonishing, and quite often delightfully amusing.  I just learned that grammar is racist.


A different kind of hammer pendant. 

Brian Brazeal inspired crane.
Ive admired Brian’s work for some time and quite a while ago he posted the steps on making one of these on Iforgeiron. I made one and it was pretty crappy. I can critique this to death still, but its 50x better than the first. Ive learned a heck of a lot from the knowledge he’s shared online.

Sometimes you just have to do something to see if you can. Now back to my own work…

Haven’t made these in a while…Steel, bronze and leather.
The most grabbed bunch of tools I own. 

theonearcher asked: Do you have any other blacksmith tumblrs that you can recommend? I need some more forges on my dashboard.


Dirtysmith, Dillonsculpture, Shopdweller , Jakeblacksmith,Alecsteeleblacksmith, Javosironworks

Thats all I got off the top of my head.

domainofthecosmicowl asked: You sir, are exactly what I want my life to be. How did you start your blacksmithing career?

Thanks for the great compliment! I guess I’ve been taking what i have for granted. It’s a sickness you see… Once you start you wont stop and you wont ever have enough tools. A bottomless well, but it paints a big damn smile thats for sure. I got into forging through jewelry work. I took A LOT of art classes in college, but took the metalsmithing class which dealt with non-ferrous metals for a couple years then worked as a teachers aide there. Did jewelry for about 6 years then 95% self taught blacksmithing for over 2 years now. 
If you want to do it, find a local group. If you are in the US then check out ABANA and find your local ABANA chapter if there is one. Its great to see demos first hand and speak with guys that have been doing it for a long time. Also check out Mark Apery’s books, The New Edge of The Anvil and Backyard Blacksmith. Good things to read starting out. Youtube is filled with lots of good stuff ( some terrible stuff, so be careful there…) Brian Brazeal has a great channel. I could go on. If you really want to get going on forging shoot me another message and let me know what state you are in. I might be able to send you in a good direction.

I keep the most important things with me always…