This photo reminds me of my girl. She’s the most lovely thing with fair skin dusted in freckles, wild red hair and piercing green eyes. The vibrant colors of that graceful Baltic woman paint the most beautiful picture of autumn in my mind. Come to think of it, since I was a boy I always did favor autumn over any other season. 
Flower pendant in the making #jewelry #handmade
2 lb. rounding hammer #tools #handmade #blacksmithing #forged
Jakie doesn’t like scale… #forged #tools #blacksmithing

pleaseshowmehowtolive asked: Where did you learn to make the things you do? Very interesting Tumblr. Thanks

80% self taught 20%knowledge learned through classes and working with other smiths.


#forging #blacksmith #tools
Almost… #forging #blacksmith #tools
Not my best photo work, but some things I’ve been working on.
Kickin back hand sanding hammer handles. #blacksmith #woodwork #tools

Over the years my life has simplified more and more and looking forward I can see it continuing on this path. Ive learned to let go of things I don’t need and polluting people along the way. Ive grown a great bit in the past few years and I still am growing thats for sure. Essentially all the time I spend in this life is either in the forge and in the forest, and it means a lot to be able to actively pursue my dreams even though it’s slow achieving them. I’ll tell you I could not do it without the love and support of my girl, whose beyond anything I had ever hoped for in this life. For some people when they think of wealth, they think of money, but for me I see things continuing this way, but perhaps with a modest home to share with the family I dream of having and a nice plot of land where I could kick back and forget about the busy busy world. Ill never be a rich man chasing this blacksmith dream, but ill get by, ill make sure of it!

Mr Ed
Goldsmith hammers. Some heavier and some lighter. #blacksmith #jewelry #forging #tools
A photo my good friend Warren shot of me the other day while on Mt. Pilchuck. Im not one with heights so I wasn’t as comfy as I look here given I was inches away from a 1000’ drop. 

Little snippet of squaring some 4140 round bar for tiny hammer stock #forging #blacksmithing