Another hammer tempering in the oven. Screw baking cakes, the sweetest treats are tools in the oven!

I forged this straight peen striking sledge recently. 7.5 lbs. (handled) from 1045 steel.

The best way to end a shitty day is by dropping a 12 lbs. chunk of steel, corner first on your foot. 


Theodore Roosevelt in his library at Oyster Bay N.Y. Date c1912.


"Vikings-Brasil" « ha ha ha


The Gibsons of Scilly

1. The Minnehaha, 1874

2. The Glenbervie, 1902

3. SV Granite State / Slate (detail), 1895

4. The Jeanne Gougy, 1962

5. James Gibson at work

6. The Brinkburn, 1898

7. SV Seine, 1900

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Forged center punch from W-1


The absolute idiocy and ignorance of tumblr feminists, cultural marxists and their supportive crowd is astonishing, and quite often delightfully amusing.  I just learned that grammar is racist.


A different kind of hammer pendant. 

Brian Brazeal inspired crane.
Ive admired Brian’s work for some time and quite a while ago he posted the steps on making one of these on Iforgeiron. I made one and it was pretty crappy. I can critique this to death still, but its 50x better than the first. Ive learned a heck of a lot from the knowledge he’s shared online.

Sometimes you just have to do something to see if you can. Now back to my own work…

Haven’t made these in a while…Steel, bronze and leather.